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Archive for May, 2011

User Interface Design

May 312011

There’s a minor flaw in the layout of the current Size Five Level Editor: Can you tell where this may cause occasional problems? I will never ever ever bother getting round to fixing this either. #IndieDevelopment.


May 272011

I’m not really ready to talk about the next and/or first game. Not just yet. After announcing Revenge of the Balloon-Headed Mexican quite early and having it all sort of cave in on itself, I’ve been kind of hesitant to blab on about exactly what I’m working on, simply because it could all still change. […]


May 252011

Over on Twitter, I’m followed by a whole host of Social Media Web Marketing Specialist types, and if their contemptible bullshit has taught me one thing it’s that you can’t be a company these days without a Facebook “web presence”. It’s unthinkable. So then, since you’re no-one these days unless there are a million little […]

Two Indie Games you MUST PLAY or Else

May 232011

  My copy of Mike Rose’s excellent “250 Indie Games you Must Play” just plopped through the letterbox. I’m delighted to discover that both Time Gentlemen, Please! (with a nod to Ben There, Dan That!) and Privates feature. Using maths, that means we’re responsible for a whopping 1/125th of the indie games you MUST play […]

Formerly Zombie Cow Studios

May 202011

So, this is pretty risky, right? But what’s the point in being a carefree, know-nothing Indie developer if you can’t brazenly change the name of your company once everyone starts to get to know who you are? Hello! I’ve always hated the name Zombie Cow Studios, it was a mistake from Day One. To me, […]