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Formerly Zombie Cow Studios

May 202011

So, this is pretty risky, right? But what’s the point in being a carefree, know-nothing Indie developer if you can’t brazenly change the name of your company once everyone starts to get to know who you are?

Hello! I’ve always hated the name Zombie Cow Studios, it was a mistake from Day One. To me, it felt like the sort of name a try-hard 14-year-old would come up with. Arf arf, gore is COOL. Well, it turns out actually cows are stupid.

The way I see it, there’s no point going through life putting up with something that makes you unhappy if it’s completely within your power to change it.

The trouble with picking a ‘funny’ name for your company, as I’ve discovered, is that it gets exponentially less funny with time. It was awkward to say out loud in front of grown-ups, and it made my heart sink every time someone mentioned the name of my company. That’s no way to go through life!

So here you have it: welcome to SIZE FIVE GAMES.

Q: You have done an error! I preferred the name Zombie Cow Studios.
A: That is awesome for you. I didn’t.

Q: What does ‘Size Five’ mean?
A: Loads of things, personally. But importantly: we make the fifth size of game.

Q: What’s changed?
A: Absolutely nothing, apart from the swishy new website. I’m still sitting here making games, roping in the finest people to help me out as-and-when. I’m still making ‘comedy’ games, depending on your point of view. I’m still an oh-so trendy indie developer, making only the games I want to make.

Oh, also: I’ve changed my Twitter account to @danthat. Follow me!

Q: What’s next and/or first?
A: I’ve secretly been ULTRA-BUSY working on something magnificent. It’s a solo, totally-indie project. It’s completely self-financed. It’s the best-looking thing I’ve ever put together by far, and I’m extremely eager to show it off. The first screenshots and info will be out soon-ish, I hope.

Beyond that, there’s some interesting stuff coming up. I’ve always been a bit closed off with development – only showing what I’m doing once it’s pixel-perfect and damned near ready to ship. Hopefully, that’s going to change – I’ll be releasing in-development screenshots and videos, talking through the tech and all that sort of thing. So have a click of the RSS or Twitter buttons above to follow what happens.

Q: Oh, what, so you did all these changes on your own is that what you’re trying to pretend?
A: Absolutely not. Huge thanks to Henry Hoffman for the amazing new site design and magic coding shenanigans. Our lovely robot logo up there is courtesy of the astonishingly-talented Joe Hullion.

Q: I have discovered a thing that still has Zombie Cow Studios plastered all over it WHAT DO I WIN GIVE ME A PRIZE.
A: It’s going to take me a few days to rummage round the guts of the old Zombie Cow system and bring everything under the Size Five umbrella. Give me a sec, I’m totally on it.

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  1. May 202011

    Couldn’t you have just done an amalgamation?

    Zombie Size-Five Cow Games. Yeah.

  2. May 202011

    Pshaw, we all know this is just a secret ploy to dodge the tax collectors.

    Can’t wait to see the new game!

  3. May 202011

    Nice! I feel I can take you much more seriously as a game developer now.

  4. May 202011

    Does this mean you’ll be updating the Ben There Dan That graffiti in the Big Red toilets??

  5. May 202011

    @Nathan Size Five Games does not condone graffiti in any form. Neither did Zombie Cow Studios, for that matter. Any graffiti was the work of a rogue element (it was Ben), who has been severely punished.

  6. May 202011

    Ah, that’s *much* better. I hated Zombie Cow too.

  7. May 202011


    I want to say the name is cool. Either way is cool. But at the end of the day it is your company & you have to decided what you think is best for it. So I am happy you were able to find a new name you like & I hope it will be good for you in the future.

    Also at the end of the day it is not the name that makes the company but the games & with past games that Zombie Cow put out were great. So the future ones from Size Five should be just as great.

    On a different note is there any chance Size Five Games might ever make games for Sony’s NGP or PS3 system?

    Best of luck with your new name & I hope it all works out really great for everyone who works at SFG.

  8. May 202011

    @Log THANKS I wish you’d said sooner ffs.

    @JOe Hello! I can’t see me doing Sony code any time soon, I’m afraid. Maybe in the distant future?

  9. May 202011

    All I can think of when I see Size Five is going to Clarks for school shoes, and, bizarrely, how it sounds like a man holding his hands together to describe penis length. I will get help.

  10. May 202011

    I think it’s great that you no longer conform to the company naming convention. Well done.

  11. May 232011
    Dave Gilbert,

    I have been tempted to do this many many times. Wadjet Eye, in retrospect, was not the best of choices. It’s obscure, easy to mis-spell, and hard to pronounce correctly. I’ve came close to doing it a few times but I’ve always chickened out. Congrats on taking the plunge.


  12. May 242011

    Do it, Dave! It can be like I’ve started a trend of some sort. :D

  13. Jun 62011

    @Dave – ‘Zombie Cow Studios’ is available now, I think.

  14. Jun 102011

    Does this mean Ben is out of future projects? Because now you talk as a single person (instead of a group) and the twitter account is just @danthat (what about @benthere?)

    Keep up the good work and thx!

  15. Jun 112011

    Al – Ben’ll help out if I buy him beer as always, but all the code and art and stuff was always just me for BTDT/ TGP. People just assumed it was the two of us because we were both in the game ;)

  16. Jun 112011

    I see, yet you both make an awesome team for graphic adventure games. Looking forward to your new game!

  17. Jun 232011

    RIP Zombie Cow

    What a clever horse.

  18. Jul 52011

    this does mean the zombie cow head in number 2 looses its lol slightly but hey what ever makes ya guys happy ill follow along anyways

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