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Two Indie Games you MUST PLAY or Else

May 232011


My copy of Mike Rose’s excellent “250 Indie Games you Must Play” just plopped through the letterbox. I’m delighted to discover that both Time Gentlemen, Please! (with a nod to Ben There, Dan That!) and Privates feature.

Using maths, that means we’re responsible for a whopping 1/125th of the indie games you MUST play before an unqualified horror happens!

Unfortunately, the book is littered with typos – they’ve constantly misspelled “Size Five Games” as “Zombie Cow Studios”, I’m not entirely sure how an error like that slips through to be honest, but there you go.

Buy it, it’s great for coffee tables and idly flicking through while waiting for stuff to download.



  1. May 232011

    I got my copy last week and I’m loving it, so many little gems in there I had no idea of!

  2. May 232011

    Is Super Crate Box in there? That’s still may Game of the Year, 2010.

    Anyway, congrats again on getting in the book, Dan and Ben – it’s well deserved!

  3. May 232011

    Yeah, Crate Box is in there. And rightly so!

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