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May 252011

Over on Twitter, I’m followed by a whole host of Social Media Web Marketing Specialist types, and if their contemptible bullshit has taught me one thing it’s that you can’t be a company these days without a Facebook “web presence”. It’s unthinkable.

So then, since you’re no-one these days unless there are a million little LIKE buttons littering your site, I’ve set up our OWN Facebook page!

SERIOUS: it would be massively helpful if you could pop over here and LIKE the hell out of us. It just means we’re one step closer to the dream of being an Evil Megaconglomorate Megacorp Monopolopoly, and who wouldn’t want that?

Or, entirely for your convenience, simply jab wildly at the appropriate button on this little panel thingy here:


  1. May 252011

    Where’s my love button? Dan? Please?

  2. May 252011

    Between your legs?

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