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May 272011

I’m not really ready to talk about the next and/or first game. Not just yet. After announcing Revenge of the Balloon-Headed Mexican quite early and having it all sort of cave in on itself, I’ve been kind of hesitant to blab on about exactly what I’m working on, simply because it could all still change. That said, it’s been in development for the last six months or so, and is starting to take shape really nicely.

It’s a completely-solo project, which means I’m doing damned near everything myself. Making Privates was fun, but I missed actually, you know, doing stuff. I missed smacking F5, watching everything compile and having little worlds pop up on the screen. I missed jiggling pixels and honing code myself. I missed bugs, and the euphoria of getting something working. I missed making games. I guess it turned out I’m more obsessively hands-on with all that stuff than I’d realised.

Anyway, as a result of doing it all myself I’ve had to teach myself a lot of boring new code, and I’ve had to teach myself an awful lot of boring Photoshop, but development is finally gathering momentum. The core engine is in place, there’s a nice little Level Editor up and running, and I’m now chucking in gameplay elements.

One of the trickiest things, the thing I’m currently stalled on, is defining the game’s art style. I’m not terrible at art – certainly marginally more proficient than Time Gentlemen, Please!’s deliberately-slapdash graphics might suggest, but I’m trying out a certain vibe for the next game, so nailing that has taken up quite a bit of my time.

As a result, there’s a lot more code complete than art, but I’m now currently working on getting it looking pretty enough to start taking some screenshots. Hopefully I’ll be able to start showing it off and talking about it soon.

I’ll say this though: I’m really excited about this one. I’m pretty sure no-one’s done a game like it.


  1. May 272011
    João Batista,

    Good luck with this project!
    It’s always fun to start these things from scratch :)

  2. May 272011

    Way to keep expectations low, Dan.

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