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User Interface Design

May 312011

There’s a minor flaw in the layout of the current Size Five Level Editor:

Can you tell where this may cause occasional problems?

I will never ever ever bother getting round to fixing this either. #IndieDevelopment.


  1. May 312011

    I should probably point out that’s not *all* GetObj does. If it was just a button for quitting to the desktop I’d probably just remove it or arguably I wouldn’t have bothered making it in the first place.

    It does other stuff too, is all I’m saying.

  2. May 312011

    Oooh, what else does it do? Is it eyebrows?!

  3. May 312011

    Nothing quite as exciting as eyebrows, I’m afraid. It just rebuilds the XML list of game objects :(

  4. May 312011

    XML? What is this, 2010?

  5. May 312011

    It’s one of those retro games, with the pixels.

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