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Something Just Dawned on Me.

Jun 112011

Uh oh. I’m pretty sure this is way beyond my programming capabilities.

This is all getting rather out of hand, isn’t it? Does anyone know how sunshine works?


  1. Jun 112011

    Pretty sure it’s got something to do with magic. Have you imported the mage class?

  2. Jun 122011
  3. Jun 162011

    Feed my curiosity, how are you programming your next game, I mean, which code are you using?

    I’m a total noob and I cannot see the difference between C and Pascal so… xD

  4. Jun 192011

    I’ll be posting about all that when I announce the next game. Over the summer, hopefully :)

  5. Jun 192011

    I’m going to guess it’s C#. Looks almost Java-esque but namespace isn’t a command I recognise.

    I feel like such a loser.

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