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The Dangers of Crowdsourcing Ideas

Jun 192011

This morning, I set about designing some amazing new SIZE FIVE business cards. My old ones have Zombie Cow Studios written all over them, whoever they are.

Anyway, I asked Twitter for some suggestions, and here’s what my cards would look like if I took them on board.

NOT PICTURED: the flaming, gold-plated, razor-sharp edges pumping out dry ice.

You people are idiots.


  1. Jun 192011

    I’d do business with that company.

  2. Jun 192011

    Yeah, who wouldn’t? You need to know how to appeal to the kids these days :)

  3. Jun 192011

    Yeah, seriously. That is one business card I would not lose, and one company I would not forget.

  4. Jun 192011
    Thomas R. Koll,

    Will it make sounds? And I don’t mean when you put it close to your ear and twist the paper!

  5. Jun 202011

    Also, it should have bubble-wrap attached to the reverse. Everyone likes bubble-wrap.

  6. Jun 222011

    @Col: I was just able to prevent myself from bursting into laughter in the office..

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