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Ben There, Dan That!/ Time Gentlemen, Please! Preposterously Cheap on Steam

Jun 212011

Steam have been running a series of amazing Daily Deals on some of their games – I’m pleased to announce that for TODAY ONLY the Ben There, Dan That! and Time Gentlemen, Please! Double Pack is currently a whopping 75% off. That makes two whole entire games for, like, basically nothing. (EDIT: just over a dollar, maths fans!)

If you’ve yet to purchase a copy, now’s a great time to do so.

If you’ve already got them, why not gift some copies to some chums? That way you’ll be making both them AND me happy, and you’ll get a warm glowing feeling in your tummy despite the fact you’re a cheapskate for doing it during a sale.


Also: don’t you hate that thing where you buy something and then it’s suddenly on sale? If you’re one of the unlucky people who bought the game today at full price, drop me a line to and I’ll see if I can sort out some sort of apologetic free gift to send you. It will probably be a lame personalised Photoshop scribble, but maybe you could print it out and put it on eBay or something?


  1. Jun 212011

    I already own the game. If I gift it to some friends… can I haz some sort of sribble autograph? =3

  2. Jun 212011

    I did you a solid and gifted 15 copies, as well as rebuying the games so as I could own them on Steam.

    I look forward to your next endeavour!

  3. Jun 212011

    Bought :)

  4. Jun 212011

    Great price, I just picked up two copies, one for me and one for my brother :)

  5. Jun 212011

    Bought. And I’m a student experiencing the very familiar scenario of nearing the very bottom of the (deceptively shallow) loan barrel. Consider this a small investment in your future.

    I promise I’ll pay you a nice little extra donation when I get my summer job! I’m good for it I swear! You deserve it. You’re one of the good guys.

  6. Jun 212011

    Haven’t played PC games in years but I’d like to buy your game and check it out. Is there a way to do so without installing Steam?

  7. Jun 212011

    Ignore my ignorance. Found the freebie :) Thanks!

  8. Jun 212011

    Saw your post on reddit, and hadn’t even heard of the game. Don’t take that wrong – I don’t get around the web like I used to – and your post worked :). That said, for about the price of a el-cheapo burger, I couldn’t say no – and it’s helping an indie! Hopefully I can check it out tonight :)

  9. Jun 212011

    yep. great price. enjoying Ben There, Dan That! great game!
    Did not know your game studio. the great thing about steam sales is that it puts independent developers on the radar of many gamers.
    looking at your other games and stpreading the word about your nice adventure games.

  10. Jun 222011

    Well, it was so cheap I thought I’d buy it again, mostly cause I tried to replay TGP a few weeks ago and it kept crashing like a drunk driver and specifically blaming the developer. Is this an inbuilt redundancy ploy?

  11. Jun 222011

    Thanks for your support, everyone. Sale goes on for another 7 hours yet (till 6pm BST, probably noon ish in America?) so if you want to spread the love, gifted copies are equally appreciated this end!


  12. Jun 222011
    Tommy Brunn,

    Damn! I already bought the games on Steam. Guess I can gift it to someone. Now who is deserving enough… Hmm…

  13. Jun 222011

    Great Deal! Just bought it! Just a question to the developers, when there is a sale on Steam of one of your games, the amount of $$$ that goes to you is also proportional to the discount? I love discounts, but I also do what I can to support indie game developers (the most innovative and creative games are indie nowadays).

    Keep up the good work

  14. Jun 222011

    I can’t really talk about the specifics of how it all works I’m afraid, because that’d involve me re-reading the NDA. :(

  15. Jun 232011
    Giuseppe Puglisi,

    A real bargain! :)

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