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Steam Sale Over

Jun 222011

Boo, the Steam Daily Deal is over, and as such the Ben There, Dan That!/ Time Gentlemen, Please! Double Pack is re-priced at a horrendously-expensive $5.

Because we hate it when a party ends (we don’t really, we love it because staying up past 10pm is for young people with their trendy ill-fitting trousers and ‘can do’ attitude and their preposterous loud music and I mean come on it’s not even a tune really, is it? and…)

Ahem. Because we hate it when a sale ends, you can now get TGP direct from us with 76% off. It won’t show up in your Steam Games list or anything obviously, but 100% of your cash comes here, for us to spend on comfy slippers and Horlicks.

Simply pop over here, and use the coupon code steampunk to get 76% off. This offer lasts only until the coupons run out or people stop buying it, so hurry!

On a personal note: thank you hugely to everyone who has bought or gifted a copy of TGP in the Steam Sale, and everyone who’s helped spread the word. Sales like this really do help me out more than I can express. All proceeds go towards making brillo new games for you, so follow @danthat for all the very latest announcements and stuff.

You’re all brillo. Well done, everyone. Let’s go to the pub.


  1. Jun 232011

    Nice one guys I always liked Ben there, Dan that, so gladly purchased the game package via Steam the other day. I’d like to have purchased it directly as I’m all for supporting developers, especially when they want to plough their profits back into making even better games; unfortunately I can’t afford the luxury of buying direct all the time as I’m strapped for cash at the moment. Pity I didn’t know about the offer you were going to make after the Steam sale. Ah well, hopefully Steam didn’t take too much of a chunk out of the proceeds from the Steam sale.

    I look forwards to seeing your next project. Please do visit the giveawayoftheday forums to let us know when your next game is out. :)

    Regards Whiterabbit

  2. Jun 242011

    I’m in! I signed up the other day, in the middle of the sale furore :)

  3. Jun 262011

    Love the games ;) Will there be another?

  4. Jun 272011

    Not for the time being, I’m afraid. But thanks for your support :)

  5. Jul 12011

    Talked about 15 people into buying this as its one of my fav indie game series of all time

  6. Jul 22011

    Got introduced to you guys through the steam sale, just finished Ben There, Done That. Looking forward to Time Gentlemen. In the mean time I’ll be pushing friends this way for sure.

  7. Jul 22011

    Gah, Can’t believe I typed Done, not Dan. habit :(

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