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Archive for July, 2011


Jul 262011

Nothing says ‘fun’ like a bunch of nerds in a pub together, which is why we’re planning indie drinks, to pretend to talk about game development, but really we’re just hoping to get out of the house for once. There’s already another, rival (hackspit) indie meetup, but that’s up in Angel which, if you live […]

Announcing “The Swindle”

Jul 192011

Size Five Games is proud to announce our next game: The Swindle. There’s loads more info and some screenshots over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun. Here’s what Dan Marshall pretended to say when he wrote a press release about himself: “The Swindle is a Steampunk physics-based platformer that plays a little bit like Deus Ex mixed […]

Business Card Winners Announced!

Jul 82011

That’s quite the headline. You may remember I asked Twitter to help me design some business cards, and then because at the time I thought it’d be a lark I had some printed out and offered them up to whoever could be bothered to send me things. I think I’d better put the winning entries […]

Part Tickles

Jul 72011

As you may know, Size Five Games is in the process of crafting something wonderful. In order to ensure MAXIMUM WONDERFULLNESS of the thing, I’m looking for someone who’s willing to give me a bit of a leg up with my particle effects. The system itself is all in place and looking great, but getting […]

“Mr Marshall, your new Business Cards have arrived…”

Jul 12011

Regulars may recall this little debacle, in which I crowdsourced Twitter for some ideas for my new business card designs. Well, I couldn’t resist ordering a few. And here they are! Aren’t they simply magnificent? The sort of card you’d be proud to hand over at any high-powered business meeting! And valid for One Free […]