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“Mr Marshall, your new Business Cards have arrived…”

Jul 12011

Regulars may recall this little debacle, in which I crowdsourced Twitter for some ideas for my new business card designs.

Well, I couldn’t resist ordering a few. And here they are! Aren’t they simply magnificent? The sort of card you’d be proud to hand over at any high-powered business meeting! And valid for One Free Beer, to boot!

I’ve got twenty of them sitting here, signed and oh-so painfully LIMITED EDITION. I’ll give them away to whoever sends me the best Dan and Ben fan material. It can be whatever you like – everything from an MSPaint comic to a photo of some disturbing slashfic hastily scrawled on a piece of toilet paper. Or, if you’re actually talented, why not make us some real posters and stuff?

Email your entry to to WIN BIG. Competition closes like whenever. My decisions are final. The free beer is redeemable only in person, so you’ll have to hunt me down in real life if you want tasty liquid.


  1. Jul 12011

    Will you buy us a free beer if we redeem one to you in person?

    Also, please, please use these for real. Even if on the other side you have a proper, boring one like in the background of the picture.

  2. Jul 12011

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention: the FREE BEER is redeemable only in person. So you have to track me down if you want free liquid.

  3. Jul 12011

    Bubble wrap?

  4. Jul 22011
    Igor Hardy,

    Oh wow, this particular design looks amazing! Every little detail about it makes me smile – exactly the effect I wish my own business card had on people.

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