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Jul 262011

Nothing says ‘fun’ like a bunch of nerds in a pub together, which is why we’re planning indie drinks, to pretend to talk about game development, but really we’re just hoping to get out of the house for once.

There’s already another, rival (hackspit) indie meetup, but that’s up in Angel which, if you live in South London you’ll be aware is the hardest part of London to get to. Still, at least this way we now have a viable set of enemies, hopefully culminating in preposterous scenes such as these. Develop magazine have promised us a front cover if we actually do that, by the way. You can’t buy publicity like that.

Let me know in the comments below where/ when is most convenient for you.

You don’t need to be an indie developer to come by, these things always work better when there’s journos and grown-ups present, so feel free to chip in even if you’ve got a proper job.

HOWEVER: nothing ruins a good nerd party like uncomfortable guests or lots of tension, both of which can result from mixing immature, misogynistic male-gamers with female counterparts. Though we’ve done our best to avoid women in years past, we’ve certainly had our share of problems. As a result, we will not allow women to attend this event.

I’m thinking Waterloo, since most people can get there relatively easily what with all the choo-choo trains, tube links and buses. And not on a Monday, for heavens’ sake! Mondays are pretty much the only guaranteed whiskey-free day of the week, right?

IN CASE YOU’VE MISSED THE NEWS: the bit about ‘women’ is finely-crafted satire. Here is your context. Women are most welcome.


  1. Jul 262011

    Has anyone been to The Wellington on a week day evening? It’s so preposterously massive we must be able to get a table there relatively easily, right?

  2. Jul 262011

    Amen to this: “in Angel which, if you live in South London you’ll be aware is the hardest part of London to get to.”

    I keep getting asked to go to it but they just don’t understand how much of a hassle it is to get to it if you live down south…

  3. Jul 262011

    It seems getting useful replies from indies is nigh-on impossible.

    RT @surreal_whale: meetings should be held on the Cutty Sark, then we can sail away if the north london indies try anything.

  4. Jul 262011

    I second a Waterloo location.
    I’m working south of the river at the moment so does that mean I can come along? Promise I won’t snigger and make comments about being ‘south of the river’, etc.
    Just don’t make it the 11th, we’ve got London Unity Usergroup then (at Southbank Uni)

  5. Jul 262011
    Matt R,

    Wellington is nice and big and opposite the station which is cool, although the music they play in there will remind you of phoenix nights, cheap ales though.

    For a bit more class you have the cut which is next to the young vic, gets a bit busy and little more pricey but just up the road from waterloo station.

    London bridge is also a good option, The George is near the tube station and has a big open outside area with heaters and is a proper old london pub.

    hope that helps


  6. Jul 262011

    The George is huge, but the bar can be horribly undermanned, leading to waits of up to a year on crowded days (which is most days). Slightly further off the path is the Royal Oak, near Borough tube station and walking distance from London Bridge, which does great food and quote-unquote proper ale – although early arrival to get a table is pretty much a must.

    The bar at the BFI London has a big outside seating area, also, if the weather’s good.

    I would aim actively to discourage women from attending with my odour and general mien. This comment is a good start to that very process!

  7. Jul 262011

    Waterloo would be perfect, and means those of us a little further out would be able to train it in.

    The Wellington has always been good to me, I say we repay her kindness by filling her up with tipsy game devs (+ admirers)

    Tuesday/Wednesday nights are probably best, a lot of people will have plans later in the week and I need Monday to recover.

  8. Jul 262011

    Two events a month sound better than one to me. And let’s face it, any territorial tension we can create will only add to our fair city’s “mystique”. Perhaps Boris will give us a subsidy…

    London Bridge has some great drinking establishments. The George has been suggested already, and is a properly beardy pub. The Miller is just behind the hospital, does Thai food and has a conference room. The Rake, at Borough Market, is probably the most indie pub I know, bootstrapped with a couple of standing fridges.

  9. Jul 262011

    Waterloo? hardly south is it. Why don’t you do it in Bromley

  10. Jul 262011

    Seconded, if you’re going to go south then put your money where your mouth is. To Bromley! I’m south but happily go north each month so would be good if you put it in the middle of the month so the two don’t clash.

  11. Jul 262011

    Trouble is, Bromley’s likely to be a right pain for the majority of people, no? Whereas I can see Waterloo/ London Bridge being at least accessible for a largeish number of people…

  12. Jul 262011

    Where’s your sense of adventure. Lets go further south, to Croydon!

  13. Jul 262011

    It’s silly to suggest somewhere in the Mediterranean, right? That’s TOO far South.

    @KommanderKlobb who I believe sorts out the North Londons has requested/ suggested we do it mid-month since they meet on the 1st Monday. So that seems sensible so people can come to both and they’re not back-to-back.

    Not Mondays, though. Mondays are for doing everything BUT going out again, right? Wednesday/ Thursday? No one ever does anything on a wednesday, hence always catching The Apprentice despite not officially watching it.

  14. Jul 262011

    As others have stated Waterloo is good for Guilford and London Bridge for Brighton so that area makes sense. Looks like the hive mind!/Slaktus/status/95854960343916544 has already decided on the 15th (another Monday) and Roxy Bar & Screen (which is strange as I was literally just touting this for another potential indie thing yesterday). But I agree that Mondays are a strange day, although its worked for London Indies so far. Don’t do Thursdays they’re always full of events, Wednesdays are good.

  15. Jul 262011

    Ah, ok. Well, I can’t do Mondays really. And Roxy Bar looks kind of… completely dreadful. If no one else chips in, I’ll sort something mid-August round Waterloo/ London Bridge and we’ll just have to have THREE events or something.

  16. Jul 262011

    Waterloo also has 4 tube lines (admittedly you probably won’t have many indie developers coming from Bank though) and like, 700 bus routes runnning through it so should be easy for a lot of people to get to.

    There are a couple of large-ish pubs and pub gardens/patios along the river near Waterloo, but I guess we can’t guarantee the weather. In fact, didn’t you have an old ZC meetup or birthday bash at one of them?

  17. Jul 272011

    No, that wasn’t Waterloo it was the pub with the magic door in it that people kept falling through. I think it was London Bridgeish, actually.

    I think you’ve sold me on Waterloo, though. It *is* more of a hub than London Bridge.

  18. Jul 292011
    Dan Lawrence,

    Coming from the ‘deep south’ near Mitcham there’s only ten minutes between North London indies at Angel and South London Indies near Waterloo.

    It’s all North to me.

  19. Jul 292011

    True. Londoners are lazy though.

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