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Archive for August, 2011

#indieVisibility, 24th August 2011

Aug 252011

So, we did a little thing called #indieVisibility. What started as a desire to go for a crafty couple of beers with some of London’s finest Indie Developers somehow spiralled out of control and accidentally got a name and a Facebook page. With that, there were suddenly expectations and I was incredibly nervous about people […]

“Dan and Ben Adventures” Posters Now Available

Aug 82011

You can now buy these stylish Ben There, Dan That! and Time Gentlemen, Please! posters from the Size Five Shop. Don’t be put off by the initial price, that’s for COLLOSSAL size. You can move it down to something more manageable and less rip-offy. Talking of which, my markup is 10% so this is practically […]

Gibbage: Free-to-Play This Weekend

Aug 52011

Gibbage was free for a whole weekend. You missed it, I’m afraid. You can buy it here, it’s only a few quid.

SIZE FIVE is hiring…

Aug 42011

SIZE FIVE GAMES is looking for a programmer to take care of some of the more complicated pathfinding code in The Swindle. It’s highly important that in-game characters are capable of navigating the facilities; they need to jaunt up and down ladders or lifts and find their way to-and-from places quickly and efficiently. They need […]

Quick BTDT Fixup

Aug 12011

I’ve spent the afternoon hacking about with Ben There, Dan That! in an attempt to fix a weirdy-beardy boring Windows 7 display/ mouse issue. It only affected a small number of users, but I’d like to get it fixed all the same. I’m hoping it’s working. If your setup had issues, and you have some […]