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SIZE FIVE is hiring…

Aug 42011

SIZE FIVE GAMES is looking for a programmer to take care of some of the more complicated pathfinding code in The Swindle.

It’s highly important that in-game characters are capable of navigating the facilities; they need to jaunt up and down ladders or lifts and find their way to-and-from places quickly and efficiently. They need to be able to identify and navigate around blown-out bits of wall, or fallen chunks of debris. For that, I’m going to need a leg-up from someone who really knows their stuff.

Here’s a vague job spec:

>> The Swindle is written in C# using XNA, so knowledge of those is prime concern.
>> This is a paid, short-term, work-from-home, freelance position. You’ll need your own setup to work from.
>> You can be any experience level. Whether you’re an ultra-talented student or seasoned, grumbly game dev I’d be interested in hearing from you.
>> The Swindle also uses Farseer Physics. Knowledge of that would arguably be a plus, but that side of things is all pretty self-explanatory.
>> Fee is negotiable. Timescale is something we’ll have to discuss.

Email me your CV, and a lovely little note about who you are:, I look forward to hearing from you.

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