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Gibbage: Free-to-Play This Weekend

Aug 52011

Gibbage was free for a whole weekend. You missed it, I’m afraid. You can buy it here, it’s only a few quid.

// ——————————
Gibbage is a great little game, I’m really proud of it. You may have read about its development back in 2006 in the almighty PCZone, or when it got called nice things in EDGE MAGAZINE once.

Gibbage was made before Indie games were cool. Gibbage was made before hard games were cool. It used BIG PIXELS before everyone else jumped on the ‘big pixels’ bandwagon. It’s also the first thing I ever programmed and as such ever-so-slightly shonky (read: very shonky).

It’s a 2D Deathmatch game. You can read all about it, and how to play here.

So here’s the rules. Firstly, as was the case when it was first released, it’s WAY better with two people. There’s an AI Player Two, but if you can, find a real life friend and play together.

Second, because of some programming quirks you might need to do some shenanigans to get it running on your oh-so-trendy modern computer. Don’t worry, it’s all fairly harmless. Just download this file: gibSetup and this file: gibMaps, and copy them into the folder you install the game to. That’ll give it the best shot of running at startup, and will unlock all the maps for you.

Finally: the tutorial’s a bit naff. It’s probably best to just read the instructions and jump straight into Level One to be honest. If you need any help or advice, pop over to the Size Five Forum.

If you wind up really digging the game, we’d appreciate a donation or you can buy a copy. Generosity of Size Five’s fans keep the working-from-home dream alive, and 100% of your cash goes towards making games. None is spent on crisps and biscuits, for example.

Hope you enjoy. And do please follow me on Twitter in case I do stuff like this again.


  1. Aug 52011

    I’d say I’d almost forgotten about Gibbage but I’ve actually still got a recoded version of your first website for the game sat in the “old websites” folder on my hard drive. Can’t really remember now why I was recoding it and if you ever used it, but an interesting point nonetheless. Good luck with the give away!

  2. Aug 52011

    And this I believe completes my Zombie, err, Size Five collection of games. Thank you so very much you lovable people, you. Oh, and do hurry with that upcoming piece too.

  3. Aug 52011

    Hey, any chance to get the source-code released for this one? That way the game could be brought up-to-date and even be ported to Linux. Oh, pretty please? I would lovingly throw money in your face.

  4. Aug 62011

    Ha ha, the Gibbage code is awful, I cringe thinking about it. I’m not even all that sure I’ve gt access to it any more, but if I did, I’d have to burn it ;)

  5. Aug 62011

    Does this mean Free to Play just for the weekend, or the game is free in the weekend, and then not free later?

  6. Aug 82011

    Yeah, alright. Free to download this weekend. But that’s not as snappy ;)

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