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#indieVisibility, 24th August 2011

Aug 252011

So, we did a little thing called #indieVisibility. What started as a desire to go for a crafty couple of beers with some of London’s finest Indie Developers somehow spiralled out of control and accidentally got a name and a Facebook page. With that, there were suddenly expectations and I was incredibly nervous about people not turning up.

So if you came, thank you immensely. I think at one point there were 40 or so of us, which is ridiculous. Somehow there actually wound up being so many people there that I didn’t actually get to meet everyone, which was a shame. We’ll have to do it again.

There were indie devs, devs who work for THE MAN, and journos. As a result, honest-to-goodness networking was done, so technically it’s all tax deductible.

Huge thanks to Alex and Alex from Sheridan’s for turning up dapper as ever and buying an improbable amount of alcohol. Here’s hoping one day I’m reckless and litigious enough to repay them in legal bills.

I think consensus was that doing it every month is probably overkill. We’ll have a (smaller) meetup at GameCity in Nottingham on Saturday the 29th of October. If you’re around, do let me know.

Due to having a better camera than I know how to use, most of the photos are blurry and/ or too embarrassing. After the jump, there’s some that worked and won’t get me in trouble with the police. If you’re in them and want it removed and deleted, just let me know ;)

Keep an eye on @danthat for if-and-when we do it again.


  1. Aug 252011

    Can you Photoshop two stone off the photos of me, please?

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