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Archive for September, 2011

Steam version of Ben There, Dan That! updated to Special Edition

Sep 262011

If you bought Ben There, Dan That! on Steam, your version has been updated free of charge. If you buy it through Steam from now on, you’ll get the Special Edition. If you absolutely love it to pieces and want to show your support, we always appreciate your money. It’s particularly helpful for rent and […]

Announcing Ben There, Dan That! Special Edition

Sep 232011

“We’ve George Lucased it right up”, developer proudly exclaims. Ben There, Dan That! has always been pleasingly great, but it needed a bit of extra oomph I couldn’t quite afford to do when it was first released. So then, like an AWOL George Lucas, I’ve hand-crafted a scrubbed-up SPECIAL EDITON version of the game. FEATURES: […]

Hacked Off

Sep 192011

So, how do we tend to feel about hacking minigames, everyone? I suppose generally I’m against them – the two main problems being they’re rarely genuinely fun in their own right, and that they really grate after a while. That said, it’s nice to feel that you’re in some way involved in the hack, even […]

Introducing the GiANT Engine

Sep 152011

“If I have seen a little further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.” – Newton. You can’t be a developer these days unless you’ve got an engine and it’s got a clever name. That’s where Size Five’s custom GiANT Engine comes in. The GiANT engine is built on four core technologies, which […]

The Swindle: Concept Art

Sep 92011

I’ve been lucky enough to be working with the enormously-talented Catherine Unger, recently. She agreed to do some concept art for The Swindle, and it’s so very very good I need to show it off. They should give you some idea as to the sort of environments in which you’ll be doing your all your […]