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The Swindle: Concept Art

Sep 92011

I’ve been lucky enough to be working with the enormously-talented Catherine Unger, recently. She agreed to do some concept art for The Swindle, and it’s so very very good I need to show it off.

They should give you some idea as to the sort of environments in which you’ll be doing your all your vile robbing until there’s enough animations in place for me to start showing the game in action.

The Swindle’s coming along nicely – if slowly. I’ll hopefully be updating about it more and more as we dive towards long Winter nights.

Here’s one, there’s more after the jump.


  1. Sep 92011

    Simply gorgeous.

  2. Sep 102011

    Gorgeous work! Does she draw directly into photoshop?

  3. Sep 112011

    Oooh pretty :D

  4. Sep 132011

    the state of art!
    Really impressive!

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