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Introducing the GiANT Engine

Sep 152011

“If I have seen a little further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.” – Newton.

You can’t be a developer these days unless you’ve got an engine and it’s got a clever name. That’s where Size Five’s custom GiANT Engine comes in.

The GiANT engine is built on four core technologies, which have allowed me to construct a custom platform game engine capable of all sorts of whizzy graphical treats. So for all you tecchy-nerds out there, here’s what’s chugging along beneath The Swindle:

Grunt Work:
The game itself is written in C#/ XNA, which is great because it’s really easy to make things look pretty and for coding idiots such as myself to cobble together maths and graphics to form bonefide videogame technology. Because it’s XNA, that means it runs on either a PC or Xbox, so a console release is possible… assuming I manage to resist the temptation to put loads and loads of vaginas in it this time.

I’m using ‘OH GOD THAT’S CLEVER’ Farseer Physics as the core for the engine, which means there’s all sorts of zany Newtonian bullshit going on. Farseer is a really robust, clever, swishy and impressive physics engine that’s allowed me to add a whole host of brillo game elements, from chains swaying gently in the breeze to rocks you can casually drop on guards’ heads.

We’ve also got the lovely little Krypton Engine running on top of the game world, which allows for some stunning 2D lighting/ shadow effects. There’s a full day/ night cycle running, which’ll lead to some clever japes and interesting gameplay based on the time of day.
Krypton also powers stuff like security cameras, meaning you can tell exactly what they can-and-can’t see, and whether or not your oh-so-clever hiding place is working.

You can’t do Steampunk without lots of steam. So we’re also using the Mercury Particle Engine to render lots of lovely particle effects. Mercury handles everything from steam to smoke and gunfire, and does so beautifully…

Everything else, I’m afraid, is my code. WHICH MEANS IT COULD EXPLODE. Lol just joking it won’t explode.

If and when it doesn’t explode, for the moment I’m largely targeting PC, unless Team Xbox ring me up and start offering me free biscuits, then we’ll have to see


  1. Sep 152011
    Tom Francis,

    Wow, that actually sounds really impressive – didn’t realise you were building your own engine.

    Can’t wait to see it in action. I love dropping a thing on another thing’s head.

  2. Sep 152011
    Dan Lawrence,

    A big YAY, for cobbling your own engine together from sneaky pieces of other people’s hard to code bits! I’ve done something similar but in that devilishly fiendish C++

    I will also extend to you my hopes that your game, once completed, is a good one.

  3. Sep 152011

    It’s nice to read this kind of more techie post.

  4. Sep 152011
    Artyom Topchyan,

    Hmm this sounds peculiarly like the building blocks of my engine … though i’m trying a different character model other then the wheel chair approach hehe ,well seems great looking forward to it .

  5. Sep 152011
    Dr. House,

    What the f*ck? I’m using EXACTLY the same that you for my 2D engine. Well, I was using it before leaving the project (once the engine was finished -.-) and entering a 3D project with Source Engine as a coder.

    Easy part is done, creating the engine, now what comes is the hard part, making a real game with it.

  6. Sep 152011

    Can’t wait for it ! Between this, and the ubiArt framework (if it comes out one day), we sure are going to get to play a lot of 2D games !

  7. Sep 162011

    Wow, didn’t spot this until just now. I think because Danbot died :(

    The engine looks fab, so I’m looking forward to next month’s release of The Swindle even more now! :D

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