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Announcing Ben There, Dan That! Special Edition

Sep 232011

“We’ve George Lucased it right up”, developer proudly exclaims.

Ben There, Dan That! has always been pleasingly great, but it needed a bit of extra oomph I couldn’t quite afford to do when it was first released. So then, like an AWOL George Lucas, I’ve hand-crafted a scrubbed-up SPECIAL EDITON version of the game.

>> New swishy graphical enhancements throughout! Ben There, Dan That! is now exponentially more gorgeous and sexy to look at.
>> A stunning jazzy Sam and Max: Hit the Road homage-y soundtrack! Music that will caress your ears and grate infuriatingly as you fail to solve a puzzle.
>> More sound effects!
>> Some better signposting for the puzzles people didn’t get, or the objects they couldn’t see!
> The more-readable font from Time Gentlemen, Please!, enhancing brand synergy across the series.
>> Fixes some boring Windows 7 issue a few people were having.

EXCLUSIVE: A special 16-page eBook candidly telling the whole story of the game’s creation for the first time; “Lowering the Tone”
EXCLUSIVE: An extra special never-before-seen treat: a non-interactive video storybook presentation lifted from Dan and Bens’ diary entries, explaining the backstory as to exactly how Dan wound up dead in a jungle tied to a length of twine in the first place. Hear Dan and Ben speak for the first time in this fully voiced, and expertly illustrated six-and-a-half minute extravaganza.
EXCLUSIVE: All the ‘cut’ music that didn’t make it into the final game. Hear unloved and unused renditions of your favourite Ben There, Dan That! ditties.
EXCLUSIVE: Posters to print out and hang over your living room window, or to slap on your desktop.
EXCLUSIVE: Never-before-heard audio recording of Ben stomping around his flat cheering his own name, for the ending sequence. Truly there has never been a more honest depiction of the lengths indie developers have to go to for their art.
EXCLUSIVE: Dan and Ben ringtones – give your phone the Dan and Ben once-over with these exclusive musical ditties.


Because well why not, the game is now NOT FREE. It’s “pay what you want”, from cheap up to expensive. This is because money is nice, and I very much enjoy eating.

HOWEVER: if you bought the game on Steam, your version has been updated free of charge. If you love it to pieces and want to say thank you, we always appreciate your money – please do buy a copy as well.



  1. Sep 232011

    Well I’ve bought Star Wars three times now, so…

  2. Sep 232011

    Precisely. With this Special Edition, the ultimate satire is finally complete.

  3. Sep 232011

    How come only Steam users get a free update? I purchased the pack (Ben There, Dan That! & Time Gentlemen, Please!) from D2D (,-Please!-with-FREE-Game-Download) – no Spangly Edition for us non-Steamers?

  4. Sep 242011

    As long as the priest doesn’t swing first…

  5. Sep 242011
    Matt Glanville,

    The ‘Raising the Bar’ reference is genius. :D

  6. Sep 242011

    @seamoss Yes, I’ll see what I can do about D2D as well :)

  7. Sep 252011

    Question: What about those of us who bought ‘Time Gentleman please’ direct from the site? Do we get the special edition too? I still have the original e-receipt in my inbox if that helps…

  8. Sep 252011
    Craymen Edge,

    I remember getting Time Gentlemen Please for free because I donated for BTDT, and now you’re giving the Special Edition away to owners of the original on Steam.

    It’s as if you don’t like money. :P

  9. Sep 252011


    I’d wager that the dinosaur will now shoot first as well.

  10. Sep 262011

    I never played any of your games, well, guess now is the time to add some more insanity in my life.

  11. Sep 262011

    After settling the D2D matter, how ’bout som’…CLOUD SAVING!


    Anyway, this was a total surprise to me (“1 item downloaded”, check, “Ben There, Dan That”…”what?”). I have it installed on the offchance that I’ll actually play through it (you don’t know how many games I have ready to go and/or barely started). At least now I’ll be going into a wholly Lucas’d experience…should I stop being lazy.

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