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Oct 62011

Ben There, Dan That! and Time Gentlemen, Please! have seen something of a resurgence recently, with loads of new players thanks to the recent Steam Sale and the BTDT: Special Edition. That’s led to more than a few new requests for a third game.

Ben and I have had a lot of trouble working out how best to do a new Dan and Ben adventure. We’ve been keen to do something, but after Revenge of the Balloon-Headed Mexican caved in on itself, we’ve been being ultra-careful and thinking how to do it in a way that feels fresh and different enough not to fall into the same traps.

The good news is: yes, we think we’ve thought of something. The bad news is: no, we’re not announcing a definite new Dan and Ben adventure. Just in case.

We are, however, willing to give it a go. As such, Ben and I are having a ‘development weekend’ this weekend, something we haven’t done since we made Ben There, Dan That!

It all kicks off tomorrow evening (Friday). We’re going to drink a fridge full of fizzy pop, sketch out ideas and start laying down the groundwork for an all-new Dan and Ben adventure. How much of a game do you reckon we can we make in a single weekend?

We need your support. We’ll be tweeting progress throughout the weekend, so follow @danthat and @TimeGentleman and join in. We want to hear your thoughts, we want to hear your ideas, we want to know what you want from a new Dan and Ben game, and we desperately need your encouragement.

What’s the new game about? I’ll give you a clue: it’s SO BAD.

Join us.


  1. Oct 62011

    Sounds like Ben and Dan confirmed for FPS reboot.

  2. Oct 62011

    To my mind, the keys to the D&B games are that they’re super funny and also really easy. I’d definitely buy a third one under those same conditions.

    I might suggest making the third game a “prequel” or a side-story or somesuch; I’d be wary of trying to follow directly from the end of TGP, which was utterly perfect as it is.

    Also, +1 for the crafty LD48 joke.

  3. Oct 132011


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