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PRIVATES Nominated for a BAFTA

Oct 242011

I’m very excited and proud to announce that Privates, our sex education romp has been nominated for a BAFTA.

I know.

You can see the full list of nominations here; crumbs, we’re up against some pretty grown-up productions. I’m trying hard to put into words how I feel without succumbing to the sort of clich├ęs unbefitting of someone so very BAFTA-nominated, but it really really is a total honour, and very exciting.

Awards ceremony is on the 27th of November – presumably there’ll be free drink, so I’m going.


  1. Oct 242011
    James Freeman,

    From now on whenever I see news posts about SFG I hope it reads “Size Five Games (Ben There Dan That, BAFTA Nominee/Winner) announced today…”

  2. Oct 242011
    David Ostman,

    Congratulations! Just make sure you get your hands (read: tastebuds) on one of those chocolate BAFTAs. They are surprisingly tasty.

  3. Nov 22011

    Stlelar work there everyone. I’ll keep on reading.

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