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Nov 212011

HEY INDIE DEVELOPERS: let’s go for a pint and do some hearty back-slapping while we’re at it.

IMPORTANT: please do pay attention to the small print. Places are limited, so don’t book a ticket on the off-chance you might come, you’ll only be stopping someone else from coming.

Tickets go to nominees as a priority, and then first-come-first served. So email if you want to come, I’ll send out invites asap.

Follow @danthat for news and updates and stuff.


  1. Nov 232011

    Damn it. I’d love to come but live in New Zealand so don’t think I’ll be coming… unless you can manage $2000 worth of free booze.

  2. Nov 232011

    Nuts. I’ll be in ol’ Londontown in January, but this is in December, isn’t it?

    Ah well. Next time.

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