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The Swindle: Update 24/01/2012

Jan 242012

So, the good news is I’ve hired a professional to work on the AI code and make the guards amazing. With that all being taken care of, I’ve decided it’s probably sensible to start making The Swindle look pretty. The vast majority of the art is strictly placeholder at the moment, and it’d be nice to be in a position to start showing the game off soon.

I’ve started with the player character – given him a fresh lick of paint and a brand new set of animations; the running animation looks ten times better than the one that’s been in the game for the last six months or so, and I’m really pleased.

Originally I had planned that the game would have a stripped-down kind of tone – everything very simple-looking and crisp. Unfortunately, it’s turned out that that doesn’t really work with Steampunk, which kind of requires everything to be heavily-detailed and busy in order to look successfully Steampunky. Hopefully I’ll manage to tread a line between the two over the next month, where I’m finally going to be able to start going to town on the visuals.


  1. Feb 52012
    Emmanuel Henné,

    Looking brilliant, I think You manage the balance between detail and style pretty well.

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