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Archive for March, 2012

Size Five is Hiring: ARTISTS!

Mar 262012

Well, an artist, technically. And “hiring” is probably a bit strong, too. I’m looking for a talented 2D artist to help out with some of The Swindle’s artwork. It’ll be a relaxed, work-from-home, freelance gig you can fit in around your real job. We can discuss money once I’ve fallen in love with your art […]


Mar 142012

Hello Tim Schafer! Hi! You don’t know me, we’ve never met. I saw you once at the Develop Conference in Brighton, but you wouldn’t have recognised me because I immediately ran in the opposite direction, giggling. Hello! So, now the Kickstarter’s over, I just thought it’d be nice to chip in my two cents about […]


Mar 72012

Hello! So, I’m preparing a thing about Indie Development, and the thing is themed around “necessity is the mother of invention”. You know how, in indie development, there’s no money, so you have to think crafty? And actually, the crafty-and-clever thing you did because there was no money wound up being a better feature than […]

Swindle Update: Stealth

Mar 22012

From the off, I kind of wanted to leave how The Swindle plays directly in the player’s hands. To a degree, I want you to be able to play it however you want. Like shooting things? Of course you do. There’s enough gunplay hilarity that you can blast your way through every level. Like sneaking […]