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Size Five is Hiring: ARTISTS!

Mar 262012

Well, an artist, technically. And “hiring” is probably a bit strong, too.

I’m looking for a talented 2D artist to help out with some of The Swindle’s artwork. It’ll be a relaxed, work-from-home, freelance gig you can fit in around your real job. We can discuss money once I’ve fallen in love with your art style and will pay through the nose to have you involved. Suffice it to say there is some money, but not loads because, hey, “indie development” right?

The Swindle is vector-based sprites, so the ability to use the pen tool in Photoshop is a plus. The ability to do kooky, bold, over-the-top, cartoon style art, and mimic the kind of look in the screens you see here would probably be handy.

Tell you what: if you’re a 2D artist and fancy helping out on an indie game for some money, ping a copy of your portfolio to and I’ll get back to you. That’s how we do jobs round here.


  1. Mar 282012

    Awesome artwork so far. I am a artist and also know my way around Inkscape (vector), but it seems this is a huge project right? Maybe you need more artists. I once worked on the adventure game Sixth Sense Investigations for the Amiga. All pixels, but still one years work for around 40 screens. Not fulltime though.

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