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Size Five Fund Drive

Apr 252012

So, the lengthily-titled ‘Ben There, Dan That! and Time Gentlemen, Please! Double Pack’ is the Steam Daily Sale today! That means you get two amazing 84-Metacritic-Rated games for 80% off.

<< click that Steam Logo to grab a copy now. Then come back and read why.

That picture above is the thing I’m working on next. It’s called The Swindle, and it’s amazing. Sadly, there’s stuff I’d love to do with The Swindle that simply won’t happen because the necessary programming skills are way beyond me, or they require a genuinely-talented artist.

I guess that’s part and parcel of being an indie – having to make the best possible game you can with what you’ve got. I’ve had to drop brillo ideas because they’d add a year or so to development, and similarly I’ve had to drop equally brillo ideas because I’m simply not dandy enough with The PhotoShop. These are the sorts of problems that can be easily solved by throwing money at other people, people more talented and better-looking than I.

A Steam Sale presents a lovely chance to help with all this.

If you’ve played the games and felt they were worth more than the pittance you paid, please consider gifting a copy to any online ‘friends’ you don’t secretly hate. If you’re one of the naughty people who torrented it, laughing: now’s your chance to make amends and help out with the next project. If you know people who might enjoy some comedy point-and-click games, post the link somewhere they’ll see it. Tweet it, Like it, StumbleUpon it or even +1 it if people are still doing that, are they?

Someone’s going to suggest I start a Kickstarter (I can’t, I’m not in the US) but regardless I don’t really fancy that sort of alpha funding. I’ll explain why in the comments.

Truth is, I’ve got enough cash saved up to make The Swindle amazing. I guess what this boils down to is that if this sale goes well I can afford some help to make it even amazingerer, so please help spread the word and get more copies sold.

Thank you :)


  1. Apr 252012

    So yeah, because someone’ll shout KICKSTARTER: I’ve said why in more detail in the upcoming issue of Continue Magazine, but (spoilers): basically as a solo dev I don’t want to toy with other peoples’ cash. If I die, or catch some horrible disease, no one else is going to make the game. That money’ll go to waste, the project will die, and angry people will probably wind up hounding my loved ones demanding their fiver back.

    I’m also slightly wary of some of the alpha-funding horror stories I’ve heard: seems like people get a sense of entitlement with that kind of funding that I’m keen to avoid – I spoke to one sobbing indie dev who said he was in ‘perpetual crunch’ because being seen to take a single weekend off got him hatemail from his backers.

    So that’s why I’m keen to try and stand on my own two feet. For as long as possible.

  2. Apr 252012
    A stooge,

    Hey Dan! Why don’t you do a Kickstarter? They seem brilliant and I can’t imagine that ending badly at all!

  3. Apr 252012

    Sixty pence of mine is now yours. So you know, I expect The Swindle to now be insanely brilliant.


  4. Apr 252012

    Why not open pre-orders early allowing us to pay you a percentage of the final price to keep the Swindle alive. This would slightly clash with the post above about ‘other peoples money’ though.

  5. Apr 252012

    My friend @hillariouscow brought me here! I’ll buy some copies for my friends too, can’t wait to see your next game.

  6. Apr 252012

    The sale is a good idea. Too bad the pack is unavailable on Steam in Russia for some reason, so I can’t take part. I guess I’ll just post a link where it will get noticed.

  7. Apr 252012

    That’s unfortunate about the “perpetual crunch” that indie dev is under from his backers. I have and am backing several indie devs and as nice as it is that they offer info on the process and invite feedback every step of the way, I am happy to sit by for the next year or so and just let them do their thing. If they give updates, great. If they don’t, it’s fine – I trust that they’ll use my money to do what they love to do and will provide something amazing eventually. They’re not my employee – I’m not going to micromanage them and their time.

  8. Apr 252012

    Ok you got me. Not sure when I’ll have time to play them, but they’re certainly cheap.

  9. Apr 252012

    Took six copies for 5 euro, seams like a great indie package for making giveaways.

  10. Apr 262012

    I don’t play point and clicks, but if buying these games will help with making The Swindle more amazingerer, them I’m down. With that said, I purchased the games and now I’m trying to spread the word!

  11. Apr 262012

    Idea! Add a donate button to the site. Or maybe even make a Size Five Fund page.

  12. Apr 262012

    If you click HELP US at the top, you’ll find precisely that :)

  13. Apr 262012


    Sorry ’bout that…

  14. Apr 262012

    As I had the games already from the Indie Royale Bundle they were in and had a lot of fun playing through both of ‘em, I picked a couple of packs up as gifts. Though I doubt you’ll get a fair amount of that Dollar each…
    Hope your plan still worked out well for you and looking forward to your next project! :)

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