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Swindle Update! 18/01/13

Jan 182013

Hello there! Time for a quick update on The Swindle. It’s looking amazing! Where to start?

Tim’s still trying to get the AI up to scratch, and he’s re-written some of the core lighting code because it wasn’t really lighting anything up very well. All valuable stuff, but it’s taking time because they’re so bloody complicated. For example, guards sometimes shoot themselves in the face which, frankly, is probably the first thing they shouldn’t really be doing if we’re going to portray a relatively-believable environment. I’m not even going to pretend to understand what’s going on under the hood. Magic, I guess?

Meanwhile, I’ve been re-writing some of the stuff that just wasn’t good enough. Bombs are now lovely and tactile to use, with a new-look explosion that thankfully looks completely brilliant. I’ve also revamped a lot of the code that makes walls and objects destructible, which means there will be more noisy, destructive ways into buildings, should you choose.

I’ve also re-worked the style of the backgrounds, which now kind of suit the game more (and, critically, they’re easier to produce!).

Besides that, there’s loads of little details I’ll go into at a later date. Like pigeons! You can disturb flocks of pigeons, which flap about causing a scene and potentially alerting guards. Or bouncepads and spikes, which have recently gone in and give the game a proper Sonic-style platformer vibe.

All this, because I’m putting together a brief teaser trailer. I want to show off the game moving, and start doing some dev videos, but I’m reluctant to be showing off a buggy Alpha build as the ‘first look’ at the game. So I’ll put something glossy together first (hopefully by february), and then hopefully I can start showing off little bits and bobs from time to time.

If you want to know more, I tend to post new screenshots and details to my Twitter:

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