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Gun Monkeys is coming to Steam

Jun 172013

I’m delighted to announce that Gun Monkeys is coming to Steam. We’re busy tying their systems into ours, but the game will now come with a lovely secure login, and jam-packed with all sorts of Achievements, Leaderboards, Trading Cards and LOADS AND LOADS of stats and info about your own personalised squad of monkeys. Get ready to show off your monkey-shooting prowess.

Here’s some new screenshots. The current release date is set at 28th of June, but that’s dependent on how much tweaking is necessary after the Beta, which I promise now starts soon. Keep an eye on @danthat for details.


  1. Jun 172013

    Will there be jetpacks?

  2. Jun 172013

    Yep! Jetpacks are one of the game’s random modifiers. So sometimes you’ll both get to zoom around the level. They’re really cool!

  3. Jun 182013

    I do love jetpacks.

    Will there be a Linux version? And multi-controller support? I’m thinking it would be a great game for a Steam Box – should that actually eventuate.

  4. Jun 182013

    There will be a Linux version, but it’ll probably be after the PC/ Mac ones because I’m assuming significant tinkering will be required and I have *no idea* how Linux works.

    And Gun Monkeys is beautifully playable offline on a sofa as 1-on-1 games. It will work brilliantly on SteamBox, or OUYA/ GameStick, tht sort of thing :)

  5. Jun 222013

    Please tell me you are familiar with Marshmallow Duel. This game looks like a fun improved version of this classic deathmatch platformer. Does Gun Monkeys have destructible levels or death pits? Please say yes!

  6. Jun 222013

    Hah! I’d never seen Marshmallow Duel, that *does* look similar! No death pits I’m afraid, but certain chunks of scenery can be destroyed, yes :)

  7. Jun 242013
    Thomas Bickley,

    I enjoyed this at Rezzed, but the first time I played we jumped straight into the tutorial without reading the main screen, and then upon finding that the tutorial was one player decided we’d just jump in and pick it up as we went along. This meant that we utterly missed that we were supposed to be collecting cubes, which was kind of an issue, and while normally I’d chalk that up to me being an idiot, I’d watched a couple of other games earlier in the day without seeing the cube-carrying glow effect so I don’t think I was the only one (although in fairness to them most of them probably just picked up the controller and hit ‘rematch’ without even knowing there were instructions or a tutorial).
    It’s probably a very game-show specific issue (although a 2-player tutorial would still be nice – the original Trine annoyed me and the people I was playing with for its lack of that), but it might be worth throwing together a ‘convention mode’ that you can turn on to display a flash-card of the rules before each match so people are a bit more aware of what’s going on.
    Anyway, once I was playing the game properly it was a lot of fun. Great work! :-)

  8. Jun 242013

    Hi! I’ve wound up replying to a lot of the similar issues here :

    Sounds like I have a few things to learn about Show Floor builds, and how they’re used. I suspect key is probably bringing up the Rules on the Game Won/ Lost screen, so if people can hit Rematch and still have some idea as to what’s going on!

    Thanks for your feedback, though. Glad you enjoyed it!


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