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“Gun Monkeys” Now Generates FREE Steam Keys for Lonely Players

Aug 272013

Hello! I’ve been Beta testing a new thing on Gun Monkeys for the last few weeks. It seems to be working, so here’s the announcement:

As part of ongoing efforts to keep indie Deathmatch shooter “Gun Monkeys” the success it almost definitely deserves to be, the game now automatically generates free Steam keys for anyone struggling to find a game on the server, so they can play against their friends instead.

“It’s a unique solution to a frustrating situation”, typed Size Five Games’ Dan Marshall. “Despite universally positive reviews, Gun Monkeys just hasn’t sold enough to keep servers perpetually-buzzing with players. It’s infuriating, but the important thing to do now is to make sure the people who have bought the game can enjoy it as intended.”

As of the most recent update, if you’re sitting on an empty server for a few minutes, and no one comes along to play against, the game will now fling you a free Steam key for you to gift to a chum.

“The most frequent comment in my inbox at the moment is ‘this game is amazing, why aren’t more people playing it?’ Well, hopefully this move will bring in new interested players too, since they’ll always be able to play friends when servers are quiet.”

“Free keys are limited per player, and it won’t generate free copies for ever, but for now it’s a fun and unusual way to combat the Curse of the Indie Multiplayer Game. Let’s see how it goes.”


  1. Aug 272013

    I think it’s a brilliant idea, I’m just sad it had to come to this. The game really deserves to be paid for.

    …. Says the person who gave his free Steam key to his brother instead of buying a copy for him.

  2. Aug 272013

    I can guarantee you a couple more people playing, all I need is a Linux version :(

  3. Aug 272013

    I’d love to do the Linux version, but it’s a big job and I’m not convinced it’ll prove worth the dev time :(

    At the moment, the Linux version is on hold.

  4. Aug 272013

    That’s saddening. Well, the game will be sitting in my game list then, hoping for a day it can be played again.

  5. Aug 272013

    I would also love to play it on linux.

  6. Aug 272013

    nobody fucking cares about linux apart from around 124 people.

    My game never made its money back from porting to Linux. Fuck linux.

  7. Aug 272013

    A Linux version would be lovely. The game looks great!

  8. Aug 272013

    I would love to play the game period. Unfortunately none of my small group of friends play it and ATM I can’t afford it. I know that’s pathetic but hey it is what it is.

  9. Aug 272013

    Shame the folks who have it cant find matches i have the same problem with a few of those type of games in my library “cough Showdown Effect”. Hope this helps them out. Pretty awesome of a dev to just give games away to provide the customers a better experience. You just dont see that anywhere.

  10. Aug 272013

    Now if I just had a friend that played this game… I could join up. *sad panda* anyone wanna be friends on steam? :)

  11. Aug 272013

    It’s a nice gesture! Although I don’t think it will be enough, like someone mentioned it’s a curse of the indie multiplayer… Just not enough people interested in playing other games than the “Triple A” ones.

    I’ve seen many games like these that have the same issue despite being sold well.

    I’m mainly a games collector myself, like many of my Steam Buddies, and thus you guys making and selling games should keep that in mind when looking at the sales figures.

    Never opt for multiplayer only. Just my 2c.

  12. Aug 272013

    I could have told you that most multiplayer indie games end up with no players almost instantly…

    I don’t think developing multiplayer is worth it unless it’s either a big budget production or some rare exception, like Minecraft.
    You just end up wasting months of development only to see nobody playing your game. Exactly what happened here.

  13. Aug 272013

    Damn id love one, must ask around for people who have it!

  14. Aug 272013

    wow, that really is a cool move. I wish them the best on sales for it!

  15. Aug 272013

    Here’s an idea, although not all would like it and some would hate it, it works for +1 junkies like me.

    Make some exclusive DLC (skins w/e, shouldn’t cost much) in the form of unlockable Steam keys that require you to actually play the game, not just idling, for x amount of time. It can be time limited of course to push some people to play it right away, but preferably not.

    Just a thought.

  16. Aug 272013

    Omg I cant believe that it has to come to this wow.

  17. Aug 272013

    Shared your story on neoGAF. Hope it works out for you.

  18. Aug 272013

    Why do I feel like people will abuse this and sell the keys dirt cheap to someone else instead?

  19. Aug 282013

    I guess the onus is on the players who get free keys to buy the game if they like it. Or for the lonely players to continue the act of kindness by buying a 2nd copy for their friend.

  20. Aug 282013

    Exceptionally cool idea.

  21. Aug 282013

    if someone still have a gift key, it will be a pleasure to receive it :D (same nick on steam) ty

  22. Aug 282013
    Johnny Walker,

    Very clever ploy! Hopefully people will keep playing in order to get the Steam keys, negating their need.

    Some suggestions:

    Reduce the number of servers! It’s a very lonely and depressing affair having to click around all six of them looking for someone to play… probably as another person does exactly the same thing. It’s part of the problem that makes the game feel so empty.

    Achievement ideas:

    Win a game with 500+ points. (Big points.)
    Win a game with 500+ points after having less than 50. (A come back.)
    Have a win/lose ratio over 75% after playing at least 20 games. (True skill.)
    Earn at least $10,000 across all your games.
    Play 50+ games.
    Buy four upgrades.
    Win a game in less than 90 seconds.

  23. Aug 282013
    Johnny Walker,

    Also: Play a subtle sound effect when someone drops a bomb.

  24. Aug 292013

    @Johnny Walker – If I’m not mistaken, don’t the bombs make a subtle tinkling sound as they hit the ground and bounce a bit?

  25. Sep 102013

    The game is really fun in my opinion (I have played only few matches though). Unfortunately… I’ve been sitting on the server alone for about 2 hours now. I have done the same yesterday. There are NO players AT ALL! I haven’t received ANY additonal keys to give away to my Friends (so we could play together) eventhough I have been sitting here alone almost all the time… I am extremely disappointed due to that (no players + no keys for my Friends) and also because developer simply blocked me after I tried adding him to Steam friends… I thought I would find at least some people playing the game or get keys to give away to my Friends but reality is different… There isn’t even possibility to talk with developer… That’s really sad… I wish I didn’t get this game… I am also going to post negative rewievs about the game especially because of awful support (I was going to post positive rewievs and promote the game before I noticed how players [or at least me as one of them] are treated by developer).

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