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Two Thousand And Fourteen

Jan 102014

Hello! Not going to lie: the purpose of this post is that I haven’t updated The Main Site in MONTHS and I thought I probably should.

2013 was fairly tough going at times, and held more than a few eye-opening moments of realisation of what the indie industry is, what it’s become, where it’s going. I’ve enjoyed running away to the countryside and burying myself in work. The indie industry is amazing, but that old indie necessity of being all LOOK AT ME, EVERYONE the whole time gets tiring, for me and the people on the receiving end. It’s refreshing to sit back and concentrate on making games, glancing out the window occasionally at cows and/ or tractors.

So, I’m currently on Full Production of The Next Game, but I’m not quite ready to talk about it yet because it still looks a bit too ropey to do any sort of teaser video. I’ve sent it to a handful of chums for testing, and the feedback I got was extremely positive. Quite a lot of the end of last year was spent getting systems in place and nailing the visual style, but now that’s all in it’s a simpler job just sitting here making the actual content (levels and such).

It’s still some way off yet. Hopefully I’ll have announced it by Easter. Hopefully it’ll be out by the end of the Summer, but we’ll have to see. I really don’t want to rush it, it’s a fun one to make.

That’s it, that’s all the news. Off with you.


  1. Jan 132014

    Glancing at those zombie cows huh…jokes aside it’s good to know you still intend to create games cause I’m sick of hearing people going on about new call of duty games and such, games that have characters that might as well be walking mannequins with the personalities they have…

    Ever since I found Ben There Dan That looking through all the ags games after running out of RoTN games to play I’ve liked the sorta stuff you’ve made so yeah keep it up

  2. Jan 172014
    Kouen Hasuki,

    Sounding good, as a long time fan of the studio I will be keeping a close eye on this!

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