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Super Special ‘Dan and Ben Adventures’ Sale

Feb 102014

Broken Age happened and/ or is happening! Have you played it? Broken Age is magnificent. It’s from the brain of Tim Schafer, whose earlier works heavily inspired Ben There, Dan That! and Time Gentlemen, Please!

Can you tell?

Broken Age is beautiful and charming and funny and clever. You should definitely play it, it has that ‘important game’ feeling stamped all over it.

Anyway, there’s now a little bit of a wait before Broken Age: Act II, so to celebrate Act I being brillo, and to fill the time with pointy-clicky goodness, I’ve heavily discounted my games over on Steam. Both games, for 90% off! You can’t get more than 90% off, it’s mathematically impossible!

The Dan and Ben Adventures are proper old-school “Look At, Talk To, Use On” funny silly puzzling. Have a look, hopefully they’ll fill the gap nicely.

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