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Size Five is Hiring!

Feb 122014

Hello! I need a freelancer to do some UI Design! Is that you? Would you like to do that? Really? Huh.

It’s a simple enough gig. I need a clever, nice-to-use Upgrade/ Shop system designing for a game project.

This isn’t a ‘visuals’ job, that’ll come much later. It’s getting all the buttons and tech in place so it’s easy and satisfying to use, and so I can add new content nice and easily as development progresses. You’ll need a thorough understanding of Unity, and it needs building in nGUI, so you’ll need to know how that works.

IMPORTANT FACTS: Can’t stress enough – this is about usability first and foremost. You also need to have the savvy to put the whole thing together.

Hopefully it’s a few days’ work, and I’ll be paying real money, obviously.

If you’re the sort of maniac who enjoys UI design, drop me a line with some examples of your work:

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