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Oct 312014


Busy day, yesterday. It’s one of the weird things about indie development, you spend month after month after month head down, nose to the grindstone, coding day-in, day-out, occasionally dicking about on Twitter. And then suddenly, what the fuck, I’m supposed to be a PR man, now?

Promoting a new game is a bit like php, in that you kind of only need to do it every year or so and by the time you finish you’re in the swing of it, but the next time you need to do it you’ve completely lost confidence in all the skills you once had and how does all this shit work, again?

Announcing a game is a stressful time. A/ what if people don’t like it and B/ what if press sites don’t cover it and no one hears about it?

So it’s basically a day spent constantly emailing people pleading for press space and news stories, desperately hoping to get the word out to as wide a range of people as possible. I think I’ve made a good start on that, but it feels like the game’s been introduced to a circle marginally wider than my sphere of Twitter influence. It would be good to start getting people slightly further afield to notice it. I’ll have to think up some clever way of doing that.

What’s odd is that when I first started making indie games, it was tough getting noticed because no one’s focus was on indie games, they were this weird little also-ran genre that you’d maybe get a token mention if you were lucky. Nowadays the indie market is so swamped you have to shout so long and so hard to be heard above the general babble. Same problem, different scenario.

What’s more, it’s weird trying to sum up a whole game in a 2 minute announcement trailer. “Hi, here’s a complicated 8-hour game, condensed into 2 minutes it’s kind of like this but there’s more, but…”. Once this initial buzz has died back a bit, I’ll put together something that shows off the thrill and tension of a heist – probably a walkthrough of a couple of levels, so you can see what’s up.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who shared the trailer, clicked on it, commented on it. I am happy. But please do continue to spread the word; getting people to notice you these days is exhausting work.

Anyway here’s the trailer again because I’m not writing all this and then not plugging it:

(pic above is some of Michael’s character concept art)

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