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The Swindle: November Update

Nov 182014


Don’t worry! I haven’t cancelled it again. Not yet.

Just thought it’d be nice to get down what’s going on behind the scenes here. Progress on the game is trundling along nicely; I’ve spent a lot of time worrying about the Final Mission, the big swindle everything’s building up to, and there’s some neat stuff happening there. The “you need to steal an all-seeing surveillance AI before it’s switched on and ruins your career” story I spoke to Eurogamer about feels a little more firm-footed. I think it’s going to work. So Michael’s been doing some design work there, working out what a Steampunk/ Cyberpunk AI would even look like. To be honest, a kind of creepy skull was a no-brainer, we’re going for something like A, below:


SIDE NOTE: Michael’s going to be livid at me for sharing concept art. Hi Michael! Sorry Michael!

Louise has been doing some stuff on the UI for me, making that all pretty and tactile, and Tom and Sophie have sent on a load of lovely icons and stuff, so hopefully I’ll get round to plonking those in soon and not having an eyesore toolkit menu any more.

Meanwhile, I’ve been doing IMPORTANT GROWN-UP BUSINESS THINGS like meetings and talking to lawyers. I’ve also spent a lot of time optimising the game; there have been two core issues to deal with – firstly the framerate is sometimes pretty wobbly (still 30+ fps, but not what it should be) so I’m looking into that. I’ve also managed to massively reduce the amount of time you’re sitting waiting for the Level Generator to build rooms and what-have-you. The big huge final mission buildings have seen a load-time drop from about 13 seconds to about 3. It’s workable now, but I’d like to shave a little more off if I can.

So there you go, that’s video game development. The game’s still looking good for being properly done by Spring 2015, but we’ll see about shouting an official release date because who knows what sort of shit could go wrong between now and then.

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