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What a Difference a Day Makes…

Jan 152015

One of the great things about showing off The Swindle so far is how hilariously awful the placeholder Airship HQ graphics have been. It’s worked well, because I’ve shown it to people and they’ve tried to be polite when the game boots up despite it looking like arse, and then when the level kicks in proper with the Real Graphics they’re all “ooooh, this looks preeeeetty”.

Can’t have that in the game proper, though. I’ve been waiting on this art from Michael forever, because I think he hates doing static landscape stuff.

Anyway, I’ve kept a record of the new bits going in all day, and the difference is, uh, noticeable!

Here’s how it was this morning. Placeholdery!

Here’s the basic level ‘set’ in:

All the key props added:

Time to turn on lighting! Ah, dammit:

Lit, a few particle effects, some post-processing and it’s looking WAY sexier:

Needs a few tweaks with lighting and all sorts, but by-and-large it’s BIG STUFF like this going in that really makes me happy.

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