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The Swindle is coming to Steam and Consoles

Feb 122015


I’m so incredibly excited and delighted to announce that The Swindle is coming to Steam, PS3, PS4, PSVita, XboxOne and WiiU. Release date is probably Summer 2015? Early summerish, hopefully. It’s still in development and I refuse to be rushed.

I’ve been making indie games for over a decade now, which seems ridiculous because I’m still just totally making it up as I go along. Anyway, in all that time I’ve never had a non-PC release. I’ve come close a few times, but it’s never really worked out. There’s something very exciting about the idea of seeing The Swindle on consoles.

Curve Digital are handling the publishing of the non-Steam versions – they’ve looked at my code and didn’t laugh, which I have to say I found most professional, and they agreed to do all the [boring tech stuff, I dunno] that makes it work on your box of choice.

Talking of which, it was important to me that all the versions release at the same time on as many formats as we could muster. I’m not someone with massively strong convictions one way or another, these things aren’t black and white- but on the whole, I’m kind of against the idea of platform or timed exclusivity, it just seems kind of rotten and unfair to people who forked out their hard-earned cash on one black box over another, and that’s not who I am.

There were talks of FREE MONEY to release on one box over another, but it didn’t feel right. So as near as dammit, all versions will just launch at the same time, which means release is now Summer, to allow for making sure it all works properly on these wildly different setups.

I’ll be using that time to polish the hell out of the game, and stuff as much content in as I possibly can.

New video footage of the game is coming, I promise, I’m going to try and do a Let’s Play but I’m not very good at talking and concentrating on playing games at the same time, I can only focus on one thing at a time, so it’ll probably be a disaster.

Here’s some new screenshots. Please click on them, they’re very big and took like an hour to upload on my countryside internet


TheSwindle 2015-02-11 14-07-27-12

TheSwindle 2015-02-11 14-05-54-81

TheSwindle 2015-02-11 14-08-17-34

TheSwindle 2015-02-11 14-11-06-38

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