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The Swindle: Pre-Launch FAQ

Jul 202015

It’s weird at Size Five HQ at the moment. The Swindle is done and will be out in a week, and early feedback from The Press is extremely positive, which is exciting and making me tingly.

My inbox is currently just a fucking disaster zone though. I like making games, and truthfully I quite enjoy this “emailing people and blagging press” bit of making games. It’s all just so fraught.

Here’s some questions people keep asking:

Q: What is it on and when?
A: Windows and Mac (Steam,, Green Man Gaming), PS3, PS4, PSVita on the 28th of July. XboxOne on the 31st and WiiU at some point slightly later. I honestly don’t know why, but they are doubtless very important and grown-up reasons.

Q: Can I pre-order it?
A: No no no, you should never pre-order games. Wait for the reviews.

Q: How much of my money will it cost?
A: It’s £11.99 in proper The Queen’s Money, $14.99 in American Money and then variants of that for whatever currency you use.

Q: Is it Cross-Buy on PS?
A: Of course it is!

Q: Is there a launch discount?
A: Yes, 15%. For a fortnight.

Q: When is it being reviewed?
A: There’s a print embargo until the 25th, digital embargo is on the 27th. I DO NOT KNOW WHY THIS IS which is quite embarrassing but I’ve been adding content and fixing bugs. Keys are being sent out to Twitch/ youTubers over the course of this week, so you should start to see Let’s Plays or streams popping up shortly.

Q: Is there a snazzy launch trailer?
A: YES. It’ll probably be out the day before, I think? I’ll be tweeting the shit out of it, so keep an eye on @danthat.

Wish me luck.


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