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The Swindle: OUT NOW

Jul 282015


It’s been a long, weird road to this point. The Swindle’s been through two engines, been cancelled, resurrected, stripped bare and chopped about. But it’s done, and I’m so so happy with it.

Reviews are coming in – 9/10 from Pocket Gamer, Recommended from Eurogamer, 80% from PC Gamer. What a relief. I worried people wouldn’t get it.

Here’s a Steam link to the game. Please do buy a copy, review it, Let’s Play it on youTube, spread it round. I hope you enjoy it.

Huge thanks to Michael Firman, Tobey Evans, Louise James, everyone at Curve, Paul Hoey, Ben Ward and anyone who has helped out on the game in any capacity. You are brilliant.

I’m beyond exhausted. It’s been a long, weird road and there’s plenty left to do.

Yes, I am already thinking about the next game.

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