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Announcing “Lair of the Clockwork God”

Apr 72019

It’s been a busy few days down at #Rezzed2019, where Ben and I were delighted to announce a brand-new, standalone installment in the Dan and Ben Adventure series.


Lair of the Clockwork God sees Ben resolutely sticking to his point-‘n-click lifestyle, while Dan has decided there’s no money to be made in Adventure Games, and he’s going to be an indie darling platformer instead.

Switching between the two, you’re going to need to use their unique skills to teach an old computer what it means to be human, and in doing so prevent All the Apocalypses from happening.

My life is dictated-to by algorithms now. If you like the look of the game please please take a second to wishlist it on Steam. I’m super-keen for this to be a huge success.

[Lair of the Clockwork God on Steam]

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