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Archive for the ‘Dan and Ben Adventures’ Category

Sad News: ‘Lair of the Clockwork God’ Delayed

Jul 42019

Wow, when we announced Lair of the Clockwork God back in April, the end of August seemed so far away, didn’t it? So, here’s what’s happened: Ben and I identified a couple of areas in the game that were a bit… lacking. They were conceptually very strong, but a bit thin in terms of puzzles […]

I Hate your Trailer, It Sucks

Apr 92019

Not your trailer, I don’t hate your trailer. I’m sure your trailer is lovely. But fucking hell, let’s talk about indie game trailers, shall we? Trailers exist to show people who have been kind enough to click what your game is like to play, in the hopes that they will give their money to you. […]

Announcing “Lair of the Clockwork God”

Apr 72019

It’s been a busy few days down at #Rezzed2019, where Ben and I were delighted to announce a brand-new, standalone installment in the Dan and Ben Adventure series. Lair of the Clockwork God sees Ben resolutely sticking to his point-‘n-click lifestyle, while Dan has decided there’s no money to be made in Adventure Games, and […]

How to Design Brillo Point and Click Adventure Game Puzzles

Mar 282014

Hello! A couple of times over the last week or so, the subject of decent Point n’ Click puzzle design has come up. This is the thought process I go through when designing puzzles. Pinch of salt, obviously, this example is for a relatively-silly game. You’d need to apply this process to something that applies […]

Super Special ‘Dan and Ben Adventures’ Sale

Feb 102014

Broken Age happened and/ or is happening! Have you played it? Broken Age is magnificent. It’s from the brain of Tim Schafer, whose earlier works heavily inspired Ben There, Dan That! and Time Gentlemen, Please! Can you tell? Broken Age is beautiful and charming and funny and clever. You should definitely play it, it has […]

Ben There, Dan That! and Time Gentlemen, Please! on a MAC

Sep 302013

Hello! This bewildering magic right here makes the games run on a Mac! I have no idea how it’s done and it’s not officially supported, but if you have a Mac that should mean you can play the games! This only works with the versions, so make sure you buy from them. Buy them […]


Mar 142012

Hello Tim Schafer! Hi! You don’t know me, we’ve never met. I saw you once at the Develop Conference in Brighton, but you wouldn’t have recognised me because I immediately ran in the opposite direction, giggling. Hello! So, now the Kickstarter’s over, I just thought it’d be nice to chip in my two cents about […]


Oct 62011

Ben There, Dan That! and Time Gentlemen, Please! have seen something of a resurgence recently, with loads of new players thanks to the recent Steam Sale and the BTDT: Special Edition. That’s led to more than a few new requests for a third game. Ben and I have had a lot of trouble working out […]