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Archive for the ‘Gun Monkeys’ Category

Indie Advice: why you probably shouldn’t make a multiplayer game

May 22014

Hello! So it’s been about a year since Gun Monkeys come out, and because I took some innovative steps to keep it alive, I still get a lot of people asking me for advice. The TL;DR is really: if you’re an indie developer, don’t make multiplayer games. There are exceptions, naturally, but by-and-large the number […]

What Next?

Sep 92013

With Gun Monkeys out and done and theoretically self-sustaining, it’s time to look at what’s next for Size Five. Firstly, it goes without saying I’ll be continuing to support Gun Monkeys. There’s a patch incoming for a few minor bugs and what-have-you. But outside of all that it’s time to think about The Next Game. […]

“Gun Monkeys” Now Generates FREE Steam Keys for Lonely Players

Aug 272013

Hello! I’ve been Beta testing a new thing on Gun Monkeys for the last few weeks. It seems to be working, so here’s the announcement: As part of ongoing efforts to keep indie Deathmatch shooter “Gun Monkeys” the success it almost definitely deserves to be, the game now automatically generates free Steam keys for anyone […]

Gun Monkeys Price Drop EXPLAINED

Jul 232013

Gun Monkeys is now $5.99/ £3.99/ Eur4.49 , and you always get two copies with every purchase.

Gun Monkeys is OUT NOW!

Jul 32013

(please do watch full screen and in high-res, youTube’s compression kinda ruins it) BUY HERE! Gun Monkeys has launched on Steam, and here’s a spiffy new trailer and a trendy bunch of screenshots to celebrate! I’m afraid we’ve had a few unfortunate network wobbles, and some weird bugs, but that’s ALL FIXED NOW, so hop […]

Gun Monkeys is coming to Steam

Jun 172013

I’m delighted to announce that Gun Monkeys is coming to Steam. We’re busy tying their systems into ours, but the game will now come with a lovely secure login, and jam-packed with all sorts of Achievements, Leaderboards, Trading Cards and LOADS AND LOADS of stats and info about your own personalised squad of monkeys. Get […]

Gun Monkeys interview!

May 282013

I recently did an interview for Press X to Win about Gun Monkeys. Some of the questions were REALLY HARD, and you should totally go and read it. To spare of you looking with eyes at the Google Translate editions of interview, here my original replies is, in English.

The Cost of Infinite Monkeys

May 162013

It’s time to start thinking about how much to charge for Gun Monkeys. I’ve always said I think I underpriced Time Gentlemen, Please! when I put it at £3 ($5). At the time, it seemed like a fair price for a non-talkie game in a dying/ dead genre. I quickly learned two things: a nicely-budgeted […]