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Archive for the ‘indieVisibility’ Category

End of Year Indie Awards 2012

Dec 152012

Last night, in a crowded pub called “Dirty Dicks”, a dozen or so indie devs gathered for a festive pint, a grumble, and some impromptu awards. It was a smaller, quieter affair than last year, because I haven’t got much time on my hands at the moment. Hopefully we’ll return for a full-on shindig next […]

#indieVisibility End of Year Awards Results

Dec 112011

This is what it was all about; the #indieVisibility End of Year Awards Golden Teabag. In ten years’ time they’ll probably be made of REAL GOLD, but for now they’re made out of a REAL TEABAG spray painted gold and therefore pretty dangerously toxic. There’s too much to say. Winners and photos and thanks, after […]

#indieVisibility End of Year Awards

Nov 212011

HEY INDIE DEVELOPERS: let’s go for a pint and do some hearty back-slapping while we’re at it. IMPORTANT: please do pay attention to the small print. Places are limited, so don’t book a ticket on the off-chance you might come, you’ll only be stopping someone else from coming. Tickets go to nominees as a priority, […]

#indieVisibility, 24th August 2011

Aug 252011

So, we did a little thing called #indieVisibility. What started as a desire to go for a crafty couple of beers with some of London’s finest Indie Developers somehow spiralled out of control and accidentally got a name and a Facebook page. With that, there were suddenly expectations and I was incredibly nervous about people […]