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Archive for the ‘The Swindle’ Category

What a Difference a Day Makes…

Jan 152015

One of the great things about showing off The Swindle so far is how hilariously awful the placeholder Airship HQ graphics have been. It’s worked well, because I’ve shown it to people and they’ve tried to be polite when the game boots up despite it looking like arse, and then when the level kicks in […]

The Swindle: November Update

Nov 182014

Don’t worry! I haven’t cancelled it again. Not yet. Just thought it’d be nice to get down what’s going on behind the scenes here. Progress on the game is trundling along nicely; I’ve spent a lot of time worrying about the Final Mission, the big swindle everything’s building up to, and there’s some neat stuff […]

I have no idea what I’m doing.

Oct 312014

Busy day, yesterday. It’s one of the weird things about indie development, you spend month after month after month head down, nose to the grindstone, coding day-in, day-out, occasionally dicking about on Twitter. And then suddenly, what the fuck, I’m supposed to be a PR man, now? Promoting a new game is a bit like […]

Announcing ‘The Swindle’, again.

Oct 302014

Size Five Games is delighted to re-announce The Swindle: A Steampunk Cybercrime Caper. Here’s all the gumph from the press release where I thinly pretend I’m not writing the Press Release and interviewing myself. Press Releases are weird and awful.

The Swindle Needs a Composer

Mar 132013

[THIS POSITION HAS NOW BEEN FILLED, thanks composers. Follow me on @danthat for the head’s up on jobs] Hello! Fun Fact: I get emailed approximately three billion Composer showreels every single week! Generally I have a lovely long listen and think “man, if I ever needed a composer I’d definitely get in touch with this […]

Making it Rain

Jan 232013

One of the things I’ve always been keen to try out in The Swindle is the idea that you can come back to the levels over and over. I didn’t want them to be like Green Hill Zone Act 1 where you whip through and never see it again, I want you to be able […]

Swindle Update! 18/01/13

Jan 182013

Hello there! Time for a quick update on The Swindle. It’s looking amazing! Where to start?

Editing Unity’s Editor

Nov 132012

Following last week’s post about how we’re handling trendy-looking 2D in Unity3D, I had a few requests for a bit more info on what we’re doing Editor-side. Here’s Tim again, explaining what on Earth he’s been up to: