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Archive for the ‘The Swindle’ Category

Editing Unity’s Editor

Nov 132012

Following last week’s post about how we’re handling trendy-looking 2D in Unity3D, I had a few requests for a bit more info on what we’re doing Editor-side. Here’s Tim again, explaining what on Earth he’s been up to:

Using Unity3D for The Swindle’s 2D

Nov 72012

“You can’t use Unity for 2D!”, they shout. “Unity uses all three dimensions you idiot, and is therefore useless if you’re only using two of them!”. Those are the words that were hammered impotently into keyboards the world over when I announced I was porting The Swindle from XNA to Unity. That said, I’ve also […]

The Swindle’s New Look

Oct 82012

As an indie developer, I’m kind of fascinated by the concept of “necessity is the mother of invention”. We don’t have infinite time, money or resources, so you have to work with what you’ve got and find clever ways of crafting brilliance out of nothing. Where this works really well is when cutting corners really […]

‘The Swindle’ Ported to Unity

Sep 282012

It hasn’t been the best few months, to be honest. Things went a bit pear-shaped. I’ve turned my back on a year and a half’s work, and I’ve reluctantly had to turn my back on XNA.

Size Five Fund Drive

Apr 252012

So, the lengthily-titled ‘Ben There, Dan That! and Time Gentlemen, Please! Double Pack’ is the Steam Daily Sale today! That means you get two amazing 84-Metacritic-Rated games for 80% off. < < click that Steam Logo to grab a copy now. Then come back and read why. That picture above is the thing I’m working […]

Size Five is Hiring: ARTISTS!

Mar 262012

Well, an artist, technically. And “hiring” is probably a bit strong, too. I’m looking for a talented 2D artist to help out with some of The Swindle’s artwork. It’ll be a relaxed, work-from-home, freelance gig you can fit in around your real job. We can discuss money once I’ve fallen in love with your art […]

Swindle Update: Stealth

Mar 22012

From the off, I kind of wanted to leave how The Swindle plays directly in the player’s hands. To a degree, I want you to be able to play it however you want. Like shooting things? Of course you do. There’s enough gunplay hilarity that you can blast your way through every level. Like sneaking […]

The Swindle: Update 24/01/2012

Jan 242012

So, the good news is I’ve hired a professional to work on the AI code and make the guards amazing. With that all being taken care of, I’ve decided it’s probably sensible to start making The Swindle look pretty. The vast majority of the art is strictly placeholder at the moment, and it’d be nice […]