Size Five Games

SIZE FIVE is a BAFTA-winning indie video game developer.

You can check out the games we've made below, find out a little more about us here, or join in our snazzy forums here.

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SIZE FIVE GAMES doesn’t believe in ripping you off. We charge a more-than-fair price for our games on the understanding that if you really really enjoy them, you’ll let us know with a quick donation.

We survive largely thanks to the generosity of our fans. If you want to see us make more brillo games, this is where you can help.

I know filling in stuff like this is a pain, but going through the effort of chucking a few extra quids or dollars this way really does make a huge difference.

So please consider sending us some money-based love.

PayPal donations are gratefully received:

Q: How much should I donate?
A: Whatever you think the games are worth. Ben There, Dan That! is pay-what-you-want, but probably worth £3. Time Gentlemen, Please! is £3, but probably worth about £10. Some people have donated £1, some people £100.

Q: What do you spend my hard-earned money on? Crack cocaine and lounging around in the sunshine, I expect.
A: All donations are spent on worthy, valid things like ‘staying alive’ and ‘rent’ to keep us going while we develop new games for you.

Thank you.
Dan Marshall, Size Five Games