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Cruxade is a block-dropping puzzle game. It’s an outrageously simple game to play, with one simple goal: earn as many points as possible. Just like how games used to be, back when they were good.

It’s a sad day, but Cruxade has been removed from sale. If you’d like a copy, please email us.
_free demo_

It’s a right treat on the eyes, it has that ‘addictive gameplay’ that seems so very popular these days, and it’s powered by an awesome soundtrack.

How To Play Cruxade:

Crosses made up of five blocks drop from the top of the board.
… and move slowly downwards.

You can move it left or right, drop it, or rotate it clockwise.

Crosses break apart and lose their form when they come into contact with other blocks or the floor.

If you create a cross all the same colour, they’ll be destroyed, as will any blocks the same colour in a chain. The longer the chain, the more you score!

As blocks are destroyed, your Multiplier Bar fills up. Once it’s full, the Multiplier will start. Fill it up again before the timer runs out, and the multiplier will be increased.

The board gets bigger the longer you play, and the number of colours increases.

Some blocks are ’special’, and will set off any blocks around them when destroyed- useful when things are going awry. Use them wisely!

Your aim is to get as high a score as possible; how long can you last?