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GIBBAGE (£3 / $6ish)

Gibbage is a cartoon Deathmatch game, set over 27 varied arenas, including zombie-infested hospitals, atop speeding trains and inside alien beasts.

It’s a sad day, but “Gibbage” has been removed from sale. If you’d like a copy, please email us.
>> free demo <<

– Hi-Octane Single or Two-Player Hijinks!
– 27 Unique Maps!
– Loads of brilliant Power-ups, Special Moves and Weapons!
– Laws of Physics!
– Unnecessary Levels of Gore!
– Kick-Ass Music!
– Acts of God!
– Actual fun, like how games used to be!
– Armies of the Undead and Monkeys touching themselves inappropriately!
– What more could you possibly want for £3/ $6-ish?

Gibbage is an incredibly simple concept. Each player is spawned from their Power Booth, with a perpetually-draining Power Level of 200. Your ultimate goal is to reduce your opponent’s Power Level to zero, thereby winning control of the arena.

To do this, you run around collecting the randomly spawned Power Cubes (up to three at a time), and returning them to your Power Booth. Doing so increases your Power Level, and reduces your opponent’s.

Naturally, as the Power Cubes are in short supply you’ll have to stop the other team getting there first. This is where the ‘gib’ part of Gibbage comes in; you’ll need your wits about you as you leap and swing about the arena trying to kill your opponent with well-timed bombs or your itchy trigger-finger.

To help you get the edge over your opponent, there are several powerups available. These range from devastating new weapons to cheap bullet-time effects and Sonic the Hedgehog style speedy boots.

NEED MORE DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS? There’s a delightful .pdf bundled with the game; that covers absolutely everything you’ll ever need to know.

The Ethos behind Gibbage:
Gibbage was born out of frustration at mainstream titles that had me shooting endless men in the head in a corridor with a pistol. I was fed up.

When I was a kid, games were about fun. About enjoyment. About having a friend over to play, chuckling at each other’s ineptitude and laughing so hard that a little bit of wee came out.

That’s what Gibbage is all about. I know there’s a single-player option, but you shouldn’t be using it. Not really. Gibbage is a two-player game, and you should treat it as such. Make a friend. Play together. Trust me: it’s how Gibbage really comes alive, and you’ll get to experience the game I’ve written in all its glory.