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TIME GENTLEMEN, PLEASE! (£2.99 / $5ish)

Time Gentlemen, Please! is the Award-Winning sequel to 2008’s Award Winning comedy adventure Ben There, Dan That!

>> free demo <<

For your convenience, you can now buy Time Gentlemen, Please!, bundled with Ben There, Dan That! directly through Steam. Click here for that.


Q: What the hell is it?
A: It’s a comedy adventure game! Sit back, relax, and put your mind to work solving puzzles, and reading funny dialogue. It’s like a book, only good!

What’s worse than finding out that your future evil selves have set about a series of events that wipes out all human life on the planet? Going back in time to fix things with half a mind on preventing coathangers from ever being invented, and accidentally setting up an alternate-universe Hitler with an unstoppable army of dinosaur clones instead, that’s what! Whoopsie!


Q: Do I need to have played Ben There, Dan That! to enjoy Time Gentlemen, Please!?
A: Not at all! Fortunately, the first game’s entire, ridiculous ‘plot’ can be summed up nicely in a few short sentences, so mere moments after clicking ‘start’ you’ll be watching a sum-up and completely up to speed. What’s more, the sequel is essentially a whole new standalone story, which simply stems from the end of Ben There, Dan That!

If you want to totally get into it, it’s possibly a smart idea to spend a couple of hours with the original. You’ll enjoy it all the more, and the original is so very very free it’s painful.

Q: Is it, like, Windows only, or what?
A: It’s Windows, yes. But I understand you can get it running on Linux through Wine or on a Mac through Boot Camp/ Parallels/ CrossOver – please note I’m not in a position to provide tech support for running it on non-Windows machines, so check the demo before buying.

Q: Does Time Gentlemen, Please! contain any naughty swears?
A: Time Gentlemen, Please! was designed and written as an adventure game for grown-ups. As such, it contains all the naughty swears, and contains adult themes. If that sort of thing isn’t your cup of tea, or if you’re a tiny child, TGP isn’t for you :)