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TIME GENTLEMEN, PLEASE! Instruction Manual

Congratulations On Your Purchase of ‘TIME GENTLEMEN, PLEASE!’

You join Dan and Ben in a bit of pickle. Our heroes, two layabout geeks who always seem to find themselves knee-deep in high-adventure, have inadvertently become the Rulers Of Earth. After a series of unlikely events, Dan and Ben’s evil future selves brainwashed the world’s population into worshipping them. Thankfully, the idiotic future counterparts also accidentally erased themselves from existence.
Unfortunately for Dan and Ben, ruling the world is proving to be a somewhat tricksy job, which they have managed to completely mess up- and that’s where you come in!

Playing the Game
The controls for playing TIME GENTLEMEN, PLEASE are pretty simple. Use the right mouse-button to cycle through verbs. As you cycle through, the cursor will change to reflect the verb you’ve selected.
Hover the cursor over an object and click the left mouse-button to perform that verb on the object.

You can also use keyboard shortcuts, if you want to feel like one of those hardcore hacker geeks from the movies:

W: walk to, L: look at, U: use/pick up, T: talk to, D: use Dan with, I: Inventory item.
Tab: open inventory, F5: save F5, F9: Load, O: options, . or Left-Click: skip line of dialogue, Esc: skip cutscene/ quit, H: help.

Ben carries all his collected items in his stylish hanky-on-a-stick accessory, which he carries in his pocket. To access it, move your cursor to the top of the screen (Ben also keeps his option menus here). Select an item you want to use, and it will become another option in your cursor cycle. Or just examine it over and over again. Remember, you can use one item in your hanky-on-a-stick with another, just like in real life. Less realistically, the universe pauses whenever Ben accesses his pockets.

Pro-tips: Double-click with the walk cursor to make Dan and Ben power-walk. Use right mouse button to examine items when your inventory’s open. If you’re playing without sound, turn on the closed captions, so you don’t miss any aural clues or ambience.

Talking to Characters
Conversations in TIME GENTLEMEN, PLEASE are dead easy. Click on a character with the ‘talk to’ icon, and choose what you want Ben or Dan to say from the choice of dialogue onscreen. Don’t worry about choosing the wrong thing –you can say whatever you want without consequence, often as many times as you like! Sometimes you’ll need to talk to people for clues or to further your progress, and more options may appear later on. Handily, any options you choose are dulled out, so you can remember what you’ve said. You can still choose them again, though, and they may still lead to further unused or new options.

“I’m stuck on a bit!”
If you’re stuck in an adventure game, try looking at, using and talking to everything. If you haven’t looked at everything, you’re not stuck. The hints and clues are there for you, some of them subtle, some of them less so. Try to sit back, enjoy the ride and have a good think, instead of just running to the internet. There’s no hurry whatsoever.

Previously, with Dan and Ben
TIME GENTLEMEN, PLEASE is the sequel to the award-winning BEN THERE, DAN THAT. If you want to chuckle knowingly at clever running jokes, you can download the first game completely free of charge here. It’s not strictly necessary, since the ‘plot’ is explained for you at the start of TGP through the magic medium of lights and sound. If you think it was worth a few coins, please cyber-roll them our way, via the ‘donate’ page.

Death Of The Adventure Game
TIME GENTLEMEN, PLEASE is an ‘adventure game’, part of a genre that once ruled over video games, but now struggles to survive. You complete it through lateral thinking, rather than reflexes or hand-eye coordination. There are no sudden-death situations, just objects to use, people to talk to and puzzles to solve. If you enjoy this game and want to play more like it, check out the old LucasArts adventure games, the handful of current mainstream adventure games, or the thriving indie scene.

‘Use wallet with starving developers’
We’ve priced TIME GENTLEMEN, PLEASE at less than a pint of real ale in an overpriced London boozer, despite the many hours of play, and high, high production values. If you think it was worth a few more coins, and want to fund further amazing Size Five games, we’d love it if you donated a little extra.

Customer Support:
If you have any problems whatseover, just drop me a line to and I’ll take care of you as soon as possible.